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  • Southeast Asia looks to buy more corn from India

    The proof is that Indian exporters received requests to ship a significant volume of corn until next March, according to traders. Indian corn attracts customers By mid-2021, demand had picked up after global corn prices fell to their biggest drop in 10 years, and India’s exporters were in fierce competition with each other. “Globally falling […]
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  • The health benefits of onions you should not ignore

    In addition to being a familiar spice in meals, onions also contain many nutrients and have countless benefits for human health. Onions are good for teeth, improve the immune system, control diabetes… Onions have long been a familiar condiment in Vietnamese family meals. The spicy, pungent taste of onions makes the dish more delicious and […]
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  • The secret to preserving seafood does not need any chemicals

    Seafood is a very nutritious food. In the weekly menu, it is necessary to add seafood dishes. But most of the fresh seafood needs to be preserved in a frozen environment to keep it longer. Therefore, if you do not want to use chemicals that are harmful to health, one of the secrets to preserving […]
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